I’m a regular punter you see out on Beach Road or at the races around Melbourne, Australia. I’ve picked up so many great hints, tips, suggestions and observations in my time here spent cycling that I figured I’d start keeping a blog about them to help other average Joe cyclists like myself. I think I represent the average guy with a decent job and a regular life who can manage to compete in the sport of bike racing.

It’s taken me years of observation, reading, getting told and basically “learning the hard way”  to pick up all the nuances of cycling and bike racing.  And I’ve only scratched the surface.  My vision is to have you, the greater cycling community, contribute your hints and tips so that you’re getting more than just the stuff I’ve learned.   I fully expect many things to be obvious to many people, but hopefully you pick up a thing or two.   Writing this blog so far has made me more aware of all the little things that other cyclists do that I can learn from. I don’t claim to be an expert nor do I practice everything I preach (for example, I’m horrible at cornering!).



Note: I am in no way qualified to be giving medical advice nor am I a qualified cycling coach or nutritionist.  All I offer are tips from myself and other experienced cyclists learned over the years in an effort to spread the knowledge.  The first book on training I ever bought  was Joe Friel’sCyclist’s Training Bible “.  This was the most influential piece of information I’ve had to date and has built the foundation of my training knowledge. I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this book.


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