Race Tune-Up

26 09 2008

The day before a race should be a rest day.  However, by “rest day” I’m not implying that you should take it off.  I just mean that you shouldn’t be tearing yourself down so much that you need serious recovery afterwards.  It should be called a “tune-up day” rather than a “rest day”.

My favorite “tune-up” routine the day before a race is the following:

About 1.5hours total with 3 x 1 minutes hard, with at least 5 minutes of easy riding between each. Also do 3 x 30 seconds hard sprints, with 5 minutes between.  Easy cruising home.

This will wake up and recruit the different muscle fibers needed for tomorrow.  This will make you feel much better the next day than if you took the day off.   Perhaps because of this carb loading technique from University of WA?  Not sure, but it works for me…




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1 02 2009
How To Carb Load

[…] equals 4 calories, so that would be 3400 calories of pasta per day!). I will also do my pre-race warmup routine (3×1min + 3×30sec) the day before the race. This coincidentally agrees with a popular […]

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